Bon Homme County South Dakota
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Bon Homme County Court House
Bon Homme County Courthouse in Tyndall, completed late December 1914 at a cost of $92,449.38 and dedicated August 26, 1915. -Bon Homme County History, Herbert Hoover, Ed. (1994) page 80 - Maxine Schuurmans-
Bon Homme County Court House in 1941
The picture above of the Bon Homme County Courthouse in 1941 was donated by Amy (Schaefer) Bochman. Esther (Berndt) Hebner was Amy's grandmother.
Bon Homme County Auditor
300 West 18th Ave., Tyndall, SD 57066
Phone: (605) 589-4212
Bon Homme County Register of Deeds
300 West 18th Ave., Tyndall, SD 57066
Phone: (605) 589-4217
Bon Homme County Director of Equalization
300 W. 18th Ave., Tyndall, SD 57066
Phone: (605) 589-4210
Bon Homme County Treasurer
300 West 18th Ave., Tyndall, SD 57066
Phone: (605) 589-4213
Dept of Social Services, 605-589-4319
Medicaid, CHIP, LIF, TANF, Fuel, Food Assistance, Food Pantry
SD Sales Tax Food Refund, Property Tax Refund
Bon Homme County Sheriff
PO Box 1
300 W. 18th Avenue
Tyndall, SD 57066-0001
Phone: 605-589-3942
FAX: 605-589-4209
Circuit Court Judge, 605-589-4211
Clerk of Courts, 605-589-4215
County Sheds, 605-589-3931
Conservation Officer, 605-589-4208
Director of Assessments, 605-589-4210
Extension Office, 605-589-3531
Health Services, 605-589-4318 - WIC, Immunizations
Highway Superintendent, 605-589-4216
Share Iowa (Food Assistance), 605-589-4590
States Attorney, 605-589-3668
Building Permits, 605-589-4214
Bon Homme Conservation District, 605-589-3232
109 W. 16th Ave., Tyndall, SD 57066
FAX (605) 589-3937
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