Bon Homme County South Dakota
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Bon Homme County, South Dakota

Bon Homme County South Dakota is located in the south eastern part of the State. The primary towns in the county in the year 2011 are: Avon, Scotland, Springfield, Tabor, and Tyndall. Tyndall is the county seat.

Bon Homme County Pioneer Association
Members of the Bon Homme County Pioneer Association assist at dedication in 1910 of their monument commemorating the first school in Dakota Territory at Bon Homme. From left, George W. Snow, J. L. Turner, F. B. Brooks, F. A. Morgan.

Bon Homme Community by Maxine Schuurmans is a wonderful source for early Bon Homme history. The image and description to the right are from that writing.

Though Bon Homme did not survive as a town, in the earlier days of Bon Homme County it was a busy community in what was then Dakota Territory. It was the site of a U.S. District Court and had the first school in the territory. Tyndall South Dakota became the county seat.

Today within the 563 sq. miles that make up Bon Homme County there are towns and farms. Most of the people in those towns and on those farms are descendants of the first visitors to the area. Most of the homesteaders that came, stayed and raised their families.

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